SEA Groups Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of premium quality equipment for efficient and economical
conversion of solar radiation into thermal energy.  The company is proud to offer a complete line of solar
thermal products to suit both residential and commercial hot water,  space heating and air conditioning
needs.   The Company’s solar thermal application products have been installed in innumerable homes
and business all over the World, most systems installed since the early 1990's are still performing
efficiently and are saving their owners a substantial percentage of their energy costs.

Standard solar water heater for Domestic Hot Water (DHW) systems are available in different capacity.  
These vary depending on the installation locations and whether the area is subject to freezing.  SEA solar
water heating system is easy to install and a complete DHW installation can be completed within one
day.  Installation is straight forward for both new buildings and old houses where the traditional gas water
heater is used.  The solar water heater could replace the old gas / electric water heater and can also be
working together with the existing water heater providing added hot water capacity while not using the gas
/ electricity.  The collector for solar water heater is very light and modular that it can be installed on roof
with no difficulty.

Solar space heating system is a new developed product of SEA, which provides the most economic way
of heating houses and buildings.   The solar space heating system could use the existing gas/electric
hydro-heating system, such as radiator and foot base while using the solar collector be the heat energy
source.  SEA has been developing various solar space heating system to meet different heating needs.
SEA Groups Ltd.
We harness the power of the sun for our future
Solar . Energy . Application
SEA Groups Ltd.
We harness the power of the sun for our future
Solar . Energy . Application
SEA domestic solar water heater is composed of heat pipe vacuum tube solar collector and pressurized
water storage tank.  The solar heat energy is absorbed by the heat pipe vacuum tube collector and
transferred through circulated water or an anti-freeze mix into the water storage tank.

Features of SEA domestic pressurized solar water heater system
  • Internationally certified product
  • Reliable, efficient evacuated metals absorbing coated tubes
  • Internal copper thermal heating pipes for quick heat gathering with easy plug-in installation
  • Provides regular water pressure up to 8 bar/116 psi
  • Effective solar collector with convenient mounting frame integrated design
  • Stable solar conversion throughout the four seasons
  • All aluminum casing and mounting frame
  • Ideal for all domestic solar water usage, space heating, etc. application
  • Direct water circle heat type and indirect heat circle type (heat exchanger) available
  • Maintenance free
  • Comprehensive 15 years limited/service warranty
SEA system overview
SEA designs and installs cost effective solar water heating systems for businesses: motel, hotel,
restaurant, dormitory, hospital, laundry, etc. Start saving money immediately using clean renewable
solar energy.
SEA is able to provide solar water heating solutions for any commercial need or environment.  SEA also
provides solar water heating systems with a Heat Pump solution, which can provide the most cost
effective hot water supply for four seasons, no matter where your business is located.

Features of SEA commercial solar water heating system
  • High efficiency heat collection - New industry-leading, manufacturing technology with a vacuum
    tube having 12% higher heat absorbing rate.
  • Most durable under high temperature - SEA uses super-high efficient vacuum tube with
    proprietary selective metal absorber coating, which can sustain extreme high temperatures and
    does not dissipate.
  • Most durable in cold environment - SEA uses the super-high efficient vacuum tube with pure
    copper absorbing material, which closely integrates the metal coating with the inner glass,
    ensures maximum radiation absorption and minimum thermal radiation losses.
  • Holds temperature longer - Thicker high quality polyurethane insulation layer with various
    thickness needs
  • New SUS444 stainless steel pre-framed metel sheet and seamless welding technology (for
    unpressurized tank) results in a longer period of heat energy preservation.
  • Intelligent Computerized Controller - SEA commercial solar water heating system also use an
    intelligent computerized controller for temperature settings, water levels, assistant heating and
    overall system control function.

System Sizing
Refer to the individual application to select the size of solar collector array for the application and the size
the storage tank using net storage capacity.  Call SEA or local dealer for specific commercial solar
thermal application sizing calculation.
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It is also known as a monobloc thermosyphon system and is one of the most basic and well-designed
solar water heater system.  This is a tremendous investment in saving energy for heating waters for all
usage - an investment that will pay for itself several times over through the years that it works.  The
monobloc thermosyphon solar water heater is one of the least complex, most affordable and most cost-
effective investments for selecting a solar energy application product.

The water tank of a thermosyphon system itself usually does not require any pumps and controllers to
operate in its simplest form – using the pressure of the water connection in house would allow the
system to operate effectively as an on-demand hot water system, heating the water in the tank to well
over 100 degrees (under fair conditions) before it enters house to be used.  While the heated hot water
form thermosyphon system needs to be sent to the place in a house where hot water being used, in
certain condition where the thermosyphon system is mounted on the roof of a house, the hot water in
this case is pushed into the house by its gravity.  The thermosyphon system could also be installed in
any location around the house where convenient for the installation, and a in-pipe pump may be needed
to increase the hot water pressure to the same level that the cool water holds.

Features of SEA domestic thermosyphon solar water heater system

  • Internationally certified product
  • Fully integrated thermosyphon type water heater with environment friendly polyurethane foam
    insulated stainless steel water tank
  • Adjustable aluminum alloy mounting for flat roof and sloping roof installation
  • Well tempered Boron Silicate glass evacuated tube type solar heat collection and well insulated
    storage tank ensures full weather all seasons hot water supply
  • Simple to install and operate , with almost no maintenance required . No power supply problem
  • Rugged constructions and special coating technology allows min 15 years of free hot water
  • Operable in temperate regions with winter temperature to below -30 °C.  Excellent insulation
    ensures no freezing  problem in tubes . Works well in snowy conditions
  • Basic unit works on manual filling of water . Automatic filling or control system are optional
  • Standby electrical heater can be added
  • Perfect for small family or cottage use
How does a SEA regular DHW System work?
Differential temperature control principle.  The solar collectors have the sun as their energy source.  The
performance of the solar system depends on the conversion of solar radiation into useful thermal energy
and transfers that energy to the hot water system.  SEA Solar Hot Water Systems uses the differential
temperature control principle to provide automatic system ON/OFF operation.  The temperature sensors
test both from inside the collector manifold and the water tank.
The heat circulating pump is triggered by the computer controlled system when the preset temperature
difference between the two is reached. The circulating pump regulates the flow of water (or food-grade
glycol anti-freeze) from the solar collector to the water tank or to the heat exchanger in, or near, the water
storage tank.  
Due to the extremely good heat retention properties of the SEA vacuum tube solar collectors, the “only”
heat loss is via the manifold with its small surface area. A thick layer of high-quality, insulation made of
polyurethane or Glass Wool foam insulation is used throughout.
SEA vacuum solar collectors can supply heat at temperatures significantly higher than those achieved by
flat plate collectors.
Pressurized solar water heater system capacity
  • 50 Gallon hot water tank with one 24 tube collector or two 18 tube collectors
  • 80 Gallon hot water tank with two 18 tube collectors or two 24 tube collectors
  • 100 Gallon hot water tank with two 24 tube collectors or three 18 tube collectors
  • 130 Gallon hot water tank with one 24 tube collector and two 18 tube collectors

System Sizing
Refer to the list of  system packages to select the size solar system for your application.  Size the storage
tank using net storage capacity.  Call SEA or local dealer for specific home solar water heating
application sizing calculation.
Thermosyphon solar water heater system capacity
  • 30 Gallon hot water tank with 12 tube collector
  • 40 Gallon hot water tank with 18 tube collector
  • 50 Gallon hot water tank with 24 tube collector
  • 60 Gallon hot water tank with 30 tube collector

System Sizing
Refer to the list of  system capacity to select the size for the solar water heater system for application.  
The system could be connected in series or parallel to meet different size needs.  Call SEA or local
dealer for specific home solar water heating application sizing calculation.
Passive solar water heater
with cool water mechanical
auto-feeding system
Item \ Module
Collector Area (M2 )
2 (21.5Feet 2 )
2.43(26.1Feet 2 )
3.33(35.8Feet 2 )
4(43Feet 2 )
Tank Capacity (Liter)
150 (39G)
160 (42Gallon)
200 (52Gallon)
300 (80G)
Vacuum Tube
Producing Hot Water
Household People
Hot Water
60-95°C (108-172 °F)
Vacuum Tube Spec.
Working Condition
Four seasons, all areas (even at the temperature under frozen environment)
Domestic solar water heater with heat pipe vacuum tube collector
Thermosyphon solar water heater with vacuum tube collector
Commercial solar water heating system
SEA solar system installed projects
Vacuum tube collector array
(with heat pipe or without
heat pipe)
Large capacity water tank
made of SUS444 stainless
steel panels
Thermosyphon solar water
heater working principle
Thermosyphon solar water
heater could be used at no
electricity envrionment
Solar water heater save
above 75%
water heating
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