Solar thermal collector
Heat pipe vacuum tube collectors are the best solar absorber used in today's general solar thermal
application systems.  Heat pipe vacuum tube Solar Collectors are extremely efficient and cost-effective,
particularly in colder climates where other Solar Collectors suffer from limited performance and other
problems due to their lack of freeze protection.  Vacuum Tube Collectors, unlike others, are extremely
protected from freezing, leading to efficiencies of over 70% even in freezing temperatures.  The unique
design and collection properties of these collectors make them exceedingly efficient even in low-light
conditions, which is another definite advantage in colder climates.

The heat transfer from the glass coating absorber to the inside heat pipe and heat circulation is
performed by the heat pipe.  Inside the pipe, the heat is conducted with high efficiency changing the
inside liquid evaporate to its upper end condenser.  From the condenser, the heated liquid experience
the phase change again and it is released to the heat pipe completing the heat circulation.  Since the
heat transfer liquid of the heat circuit does not flow through the collector itself, installation is very simple
and an exceptionally trouble-free operation is guaranteed.  The operation of the solar system will not be
interrupted even if one of the collector tubes get damaged.

Depending on the vacuum tubes' dimensions, there are normal size (outer tube diameter 47mm and
58mm) heat pipe vacuum tube collectors and there are large size (glass tube diameter 70mm) heat pipe
vacuum tube collectors.    The heat pipe and vacuum tube structures are different from each others while
the heat transition working principle and vacuum insulation function basically remain the same.  SEA
provide both normal size and large size heat pipe vacuum tube collectors, and the collectors all come
with comprehensive 12 years limited warranty.

Features of normal size heat pipe vacuum tube collector

  • Internationally certified most widely used product
  • All glass reliable, efficient heat absorb coating vacuum tubes
  • Inside copper thermal heating pipes for quick heat gathering with easy plug-in installation and
  • Provide system regular pressure up to 8 bar/116psi
  • Effective solar collector for four seasons, in all areas comparing with both Flat Panel type and
    Evacuated Tubes type collectors
  • Stable solar conversion throughout the four seasons
  • No corrosion or water scaling problems
  • All aluminium casing and mounting frame
  • Ideal for both domestic and commercial solar water heating applications
  • Maintenance free
  • Antifreeze

Features of large size heat pipe vacuum tube collector

  • Heat pipe with special coating absorber with large size vacuum tube giving high energy output
  • High efficiency heat collection under low ambient temperature and cloudy days
  • Fast heat-up due to small thermal capacity of working fluid in the heat pipe
  • Higher energy through heat transmission by working fluid compared to thermal conduction
  • High system operation pressure resistance and thermal shock resistance
  • Low heat losses due to thermal diode effect and ultra high vacuum
  • No corrosion or water scaling problems
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Reliable and durable
  • Antifreeze
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We harness the power of the sun for our future
Solar . Energy . Application
SEA Groups Ltd.
We harness the power of the sun for our future
Solar . Energy . Application
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A solar thermal collector is a collector specifically intended to collect heat energy: that is, to absorb
sunlight to provide heat.  Although the term may be applied to simple solar hot water panels, it is usually
used to denote more complex installations.  

There are various types of thermal collectors, such as solar parabolic, solar trough and solar towers.  
These type of collectors are generally used to generate high temperature needed in solar power plants
where solar heat is used to generate electricity by heating water to produce steam and driving a turbine
connected to the electrical generator.

The most used solar collectors are made of flat metal panel or vacuum tubes, which generate "normal
temperature" or "medi-temperature"  used for solar water heating, space heating and air conditioning
Heat pipe vacuum tube pressurized collector
SEA design and manufacture cost effective Vacuum tube unpressurized collectors (without heat pipe
inside tubes) for domestic and business large-scale applications, such as pool heating, space heating,
etc.  The collectors are one of the highest quality collectors and offers reliable water heating in all
climates, for those winter low temperature areas where metal flat panel collectors were not sufficient.  
The vacuum tube technology establishes the best insulation -vacuum around their absorbers to retain
heat.  With this superior insulation property, the vacuum tube collectors have the ability to generate heat
through the winter in colder climates with overcast conditions.  

SEA's vacuum tube unpressurized solar collector provides the highest performance capability with the
most competitive pricing, which have been widely used in millions large projects heating water for
various applications in any kind of weather environment for four seasons.

Features of vacuum tube unpressurized collector

  • Super-high efficient heat collection through selective metal absorber coating having above 85%
    higher heat absorbing and sun energy transition rate
  • Temperature resistance 28-626 F
  • Holds temperature longer specially in low temperature environment
  • Maximum radiation absorption and minimum thermal radiation losses
  • SUS304-2B stainless inner manifolder holding vacuum tubes, with 0.02" thickness
  • Manifold case material Galvanized Steel
  • Insulation material Polyurethane with 1.82+/-0.05 lbs/cubic foot
  • Mounting frame material Galvanized steel with weather-proof coating with 0.06" thickness
  • Cost effective to compose of large solar energy collecting array
  • Comprehensive limited warranty 12 years with expected life time > 20 years
  • Water in the tubes and may result in water scaling and system maintenance works
  • Work in an unpressurized system configuration
Heat pipe vacuum tube pressurized collector available
Vacuum tube unpressurized collector
Tube No.
Weight (lbs)
Dimension with two-end pipe (in)
Absorbent area
(square foot)
78 x 45 x 5
78 x 63 x 5
78 x 82 x 5
Heat pipe vacuum tube pressurized collector available
Vacuum tube unpressurized collector available
Tube No.
Dimension with
two-end pipe (in)
Weight dry (lbs)
Water weight
Absorbent area
(cubic foot)
78 x 62 x 8
78 x 69 x 8
78 x 81 x 8
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