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Why Solar Water Heating ?
Heating family use or industrial / commercial use of water by natural gas or electric
has been the “normal practice” for many years.  Is there a better way to heat the
water and save the energy and environment ?  The answer is positive: heating the
water by solar!   With the technologies that SEA Groups providing, families and
commercials can meet their hot water needs in the most cost effective way, and not
use  traditional fuel sources.  The savings for changing to solar water heating are
tremendous: from 75% to 95% above depending on the amount of hot water usage
for the family or commercial.   The solar water heating is the most cost effective way
of applying solar energy: its return ratio is usually less than 5 years.
Why choose SEA Groups as your solar application provider ?
SEA represents Solar Energy Applications.  SEA Groups Ltd. is a company
dedicating itself in the solar energy application area providing the state-of-the-art
solar technologies and products to the America market.   

We have all experienced the Red block energy time when the old  energy sources:
coal, wood are burned away; we are also in the critical Yellow energy block time
period when the traditional energy sources: natural gas and petroleum blink the
shortage light; we are creating the Green energy block for the new century, we are
in Green for the Earth we live on, we are enlarging the Green energy block for our
SEA Groups Ltd. is a leading manufacturer providing renewable and clean solar
energy technologies and products, with an emphasis in solar thermal applications,
affordable solar water heater, solar space heating, solar pool heating and solar air
conditioning for domestic and commercial purpose.

SEA Group provide green, simple and effective solar energy application solutions
for both  families and businesses facing with the high rising costs of their utilities.

Our solar energy application products widely used by residential housing market,
commercial office, Industrial warehouse, lodging motel/hotel, etc.  
What does SEA mean ?
What products SEA Groups provide ?
More Information
The core component of solar thermal system
-- all glass vacuum tubes
We are the technology developer and the product manufacturer
Our customer will be receiving the best product on the market today
Unparalleled support both before and after the purchase of our solar products
SEA Groups Ltd.
We harness the power of the sun for our future
Solar . Energy . Application
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SEA Groups Ltd.
We harness the power of the sun for our future
Solar . Energy . Application
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Solar energy
Discover valuable understanding behind the science and technologies of today's
solar energy application.  Learn how each process has its own unique benefit, and
how it makes sense to utilize these solutions.
SRCC Certification
SEA Groups Ltd. has received its first
SRCC Interim Certificate in April, 2010.
The Company is continually working with the relevant labs for its
collector and system tests
and certifications.
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System Promotion
Manufacturing Views
Our pipeline of new solar thermal application in development is leading the solar
energy technology in the industry, focusing on a broad range of solar thermal
energy needs. SEA Groups historically has invested more than 8% of its total
revenue annually in the research and development of new products across all
temperature range of solar thermal application. Relying on the strength of our
pipeline and scientific talent and technical strength, SEA has generated a steady
stream of breakthroughs over the years. And now, with our recent patents applied in
the World, we have broadened our pipeline to include more promising solar
thermal high temperature application in areas such as
Solar Air Conditioning,
Distributed CSP energy generation, Automation Production Line for all glass
vacuum tube manufacturing, Solar Thermal Meter, Solar System Over-heating
Control, etc. area
s. Our researchers continue to work to ensure the best solar
thermal products for our customers in the years to come.
SEA Groups Pipeline – Solar Thermal Application in Development